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Are the LED lights bright enough to see in the daytime?2020-07-28T09:48:03+00:00

ifRave’s fibre optic mask is a luminous product, it has a very bright light in the dark environment, but in the daytime or well-lit areas, not very bright.

How do i clean the blood from inside or outside of the fiber optic mask?2020-07-28T09:50:56+00:00
Light Up Rave Mask How To Wash

Hello, you can clean our rave mask following the manual.

  • Step1: Put the led mask into water( please keep the battery controller away from the water).
  • Step2: Spray the detergent on the led mask and then soak it in water for 5 minutes. Note: DO NOT use strong basicity or strong acidity detergent.
  • Step3: Use the brush to wash the dirty area and rinse it by water.
  • Step4: Hang it till dry in a ventilated place.

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