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As a leading manufacturer of wholesale rave wear, LED festival gadgets & party gear, ifRave offers a wide range of Rave/Festival wear, Holiday Christmas Costumes, Sexy Halloween Costumes as well as LED light up gadgets including: Light Show Gloves, Light Up Face mask, LED Glowing Hat, Rave LED Tie and Fiber Optic Props.

ifRave products get their appeal from their ability to enhance one’s experience and leave a lasting impression. The emphasis on quality makes ifRave a reliable brand among our customers. What’s more, the methods for creating a unique experience for each person is what makes ifRave stands out from other brands in its niche. ifRave changes the way people see the world and the way they interact with it.

Steampunk Fashion
Festival Gadgets
Reflective Collection
Fiber Optic Collection

ifRave Rave Clothing Manufacturer  CE FCC RoHS

ifRave Quality Philosophy

ifRave’s understanding of quality is characterized by achieving customer satisfaction and complete complying with customer desires. We work tirelessly to provide superior customer experience, from our homepage to your doorstep.

  • the correct mode of operation of products ordered;
  • in time shipment;
  • competitive costs charged;
  • CE, FCC, RoHs Passed.

Bulk & Wholesale

ifRave Rave Clothing Manufacturer  We encourage everyone to consider our wholesale and bulk products. An amazing line of diverse products at a great price.

  • Email us for a discount on orders over $1000.
  • More Discounts on bulk order 100+ pieces each.
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ifRave Workshop

ifRave Rave Clothing Manufacturer Satisfied Service

Drop Ship

ifRave will drop ship your order anywhere in the USA and Worldwide. All orders will be processed and shipped within 24 hours after it has been submitted (if there are no delays).

  • No Minimum.
  • A $5.00 drop ship fee per order, cost of product, and postage.
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Design your own clothes? Create Custom Products for Your Group? Customize the Ideal Gift for Any Occasion?

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  • Fabric Selection

  • Fabric Printed

  • Customize Size

  • Fabric Stitched

  • Patterns Design

  • Labels & Packages

ifRave Rave Clothing Manufacturer Flexible Custom

Creative Ideas for Fiber Optic Fabric

Unlike neon and glow-in-the-dark lights, luminous fiber optic fabric provides a subtle, multicolored light making it much better suited to various design schemes. The luminous fabric uses low-voltage (3-5 V) batteries to provide a pleasant glow in any color. Specific designs can produce varying intensities, allowing patterns or pictures to be embedded in the fabric. Luminous fabric is a good example of a product that is just starting out, and observing its adoption will be an interesting case study in product economics and sociology.

Fiber Optic Hats

Fiber Optic Hats

Fiber Optic Masks

Fiber Optic Masks

Fiber Optic Ties

Fiber Optic Ties

Fiber Optic Scarf

Fiber Optic Scarves

Fiber Optic Bags

Fiber Optic Bags

Fiber Optic Hoodie

Fiber Optic Hoodies

fiber optic shoes

Fiber Optic Shoes

fiber optic tanktops

Fiber Optic Tanktops

Fiber Optic Hoodie Longsleeve

Fiber Optic Coats

Fiber Optic Jackets

Fiber Optic Jackets

fiber optic shorts

Fiber Optic Shorts

fiber optic pants

Fiber Optic Pants

fiber optic women underwear

Fiber Optic Underwear

fiber optic bras

Fiber Optic Bras

fiber optic skirts

Fiber Optic Skirts

fiber optic dresses

Fiber Optic Dresses

fiber optic tutus

Fiber Optic Tutus

fiber optic wedding gown

Fiber Optic Gowns

fiber optic wings

Fiber Optic Wings

fiber optic umbrella

Fiber Optic Umbrella

fiber optic flowers

Fiber Optic Flowers

fiber optic pillow case

Fiber Optic Pillow Cases

Fiber Optic Pets Vests

Fiber Optic Pets Vests

Fiber Optic Dolls

Fiber Optic Dolls

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