IFRAVE attaches great importance to the privacy of users. When you use our services, we may collect and use your information. We would like to explain to you the way we collect, use, store and share this information when we use our services, and how we provide you with access to, update, control and protect this information through this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is closely related to the Service you use, and please read it carefully, follow the guidelines in this Privacy Policy to make the appropriate choice when necessary. The technical terms involved in this Privacy Policy are intended to be concise and to the point, and provide further clarification of links for your understanding.

Information Collected

  1. The web page(s) you visit.
  2. The date and time you accessed our website.
  3. The type of operating system used to access our website.
  4. The type of browser used to access our website; and for what purpose.
  5. The Internet domain and IP address under which you accessed our website.
  6. The search term(s) used in your search engine.

We collect this information to learn about the number of visitors to the IFRAVE website. This helps us make our website more user-friendly and convenient. We do not record information about individuals and their visits, and will not identify you personally.

Information assurance

Retain your personal information only within the time required for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and the time required by laws and regulations.

In order to prevent the loss of information, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure, we have using various security technologies and procedures. For example, in some services, we will use encryption technology (such as SSL) to protect your personal information. But even doing everything we can to strengthen security measures, we cannot always 100% guarantee the safety of messages. So please understand that due to technical limitations and the various malicious means that may possibly exist.

You need to know that the systems and communication networks you use to access our services may appear the problem due to factors beyond our controllability.

Changes to this Policy

We may modify or update this Policy from time to time to reflect the changes in our business and practices, it would be better if you review this page periodically.

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