Interested In Wholesale Rave Wear from ifRave?

ifRave is the Leading Manufacturer of Wholesale Rave Wear, LED Festival Gadgets & Party Gear. ifRave offers a wide range of Rave/Festival wear, Holiday Christmas Costumes, Sexy Halloween Costumes as well as LED light up gadgets including: Light Show Gloves, Light Up Face mask, LED Glowing Hat, Rave LED Tie and Fiber Optic Props.

wholesale rave wear light up mask
whosale rave wear fiber optic mask

Bulk & Wholesale Rave Wear

We offer wholesale pricing to qualified shops and dance companies. An amazing line of diverse products at a great price.

  • Email us for a discount on orders over $1000.
  • More Discounts on bulk order 100+ pieces each.

Drop Ship Rave Wear

ifRave will drop ship your order anywhere in the USA and Worldwide. All orders will be processed and shipped within 24 hours after it has been submitted (if there are no delays).

  • No Minimum.
  • A $5.00 drop ship fee per order, cost of the product, and postage.

Custom Rave Wear

Design your own clothes? Create Custom Products for Your Group? Customize the Ideal Gift for Any Occasion?
Being a manufacturer, we can make almost anything. Take into consideration the following:

  • Select Your Fabric
  • Select Your Sizing
  • Get Patterns Made Digitally and Physically
  • Get Fabric Printed
  • Have Fabric Stitched In Any Style
  • Add Custom Private Labels
  • Get Products Packaged Individually

Write Down Your Request

We encourage everyone to consider our wholesale and bulk products. Dropshipping and Custom are also welcomed. Please feel free to email us at [email protected], please tell us the name of your store, your location, and specify that you’d like to be a wholesale customer in the provided message box.

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